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Kelly's Pudding with Celeriac Purée, Leeks, Redcurrant and Cider Jus, Crispy Fried Chorizo and Roast Red Pepper


Kelly's Black Pudding
Diced Leeks
1 roast red pepper
1 cup of cider
1 tbsp of concentrated pork stock
1 tbsp of redcurrant jelly
5 garlic cloves
Diced chorizo sausage
Truffle oil
4 eggs
Cured ham stock or water from celeriac


Celeriac Purée Celeriac cooked in salty water puréed with a knob of butter and 1 tbsp of truffle oil.

Diced Leeks Cooked in cured ham stock. Stock made from bone of cured ham. If you have no ham stock, use the water the celeriac was cooked in.

Roast Red Pepper Cut and deseed the pepper. Brush with oil, roast at 160C for 15 minutes. Place in a bowl, cover with cling film and allow to cool. Peel off skin, cut out a disc with a round cutter.

Sauce Reduce all this down until a sauce forms and has slightly thickened.

Garlic & Chorizo Peel and dice garlic, cook lightly in olive oil. Add diced chorizo and cook until crispy.

Truffle Egg Yolk Cut four squares of cling film. Drizzle some truffle oil on each. Seperate egg white from yolk. Place one yolk on each square of cling film. Bring the four corners together and tie up by twisting so the yolk sits in cling film bag. Poach for a minute and a half.

Kelly's Black Pudding Cut four rounds and panfry.

To serve

Place cooked Kelly's Black Pudding on a plate and put a red pepper disc on each. Use a similar size pastry cutter to position a round of celeriac purée on top of the pepper. Top this with diced leeks, then garlic and chorizo. Remove the egg yolk from the cling film and use it to crown dish. Drizzle the sauce around the Kelly's Blakc Pudding stack.

  • Kelly's Black Pudding with Pear Purée & Madeira Sauce

  • Tantalise your taste buds with this delicious contrast of fruity sweetness and distinctive black pudding. Place slices of cooked Kelly's black pudding on a bed of puréed pears. Pipe creamed potatoes alongside and drizzle Madeira sauce over the dish to create a stunning starter.

Blackbird's Nest

Try this alternative combination of tastes; the tartness of the gooseberry complements the flavour of the blackk pudding. Cut short crust pastry into rounds and half cook in a conventional oven. Place a slice of Kelly's black pudding on each pastry disk and cook for a further five minutes in a microwave. Serve with gooseberry relish on the side.

  • Crispy Kelly's Black Pudding Potato Cake with Poached Egg

  • Add coarsely chopped Kelly's black pudding to a standard potato cake miz for a tantalising twist. Fry the potato cakes and serve topped with a poached free-range egg. Add a leafy green salad and a spoonful of mustard dressing. A sensational and substantial breakfast dish.

Kelly's Black and White Pudding Salad

Stun your guests with this contemporary starter. Cut Kelly's black and whtie pudding into crouton shapes and cook gently. Combine with diced smoked bacon and add to a rocket salad. Toss with a spicy lemon grass and chilli dressing and serve warm.